AWFC Skin Care Center uses the Aurora™ system with Elos™ for skin care treatment.

AWFC Skin Care Center uses the Aurora™ system with Elos™ for treating different types of skin imperfections. This combined energy technology uses two types of energy, Bipolar Radio Frequency and Broad Spectrum Light. Aurora™ system with Elos™ is used by Annandale for correcting various skin flaws like photo treatment and acne treatment, FotoFacial RF™ and hair removal.

At Annandale, we believe in taking care of our customer’s well-being that’s why we use what expert skin care specialists trust. To ensure high patient safety & comfort, Annandale uses Aurora™ system with Elos™ for the following procedures:


Photo treatment

Using the Aurora™ system, Annandale treats skin blemishes such as enlarged pores, brown spots, sun-damaged skin, rosacea, angioma, and many other skin flaws. After the procedure, you’ll have a smoother and even-textured skin surface.

FotoFacial RF™

Exclusively done using the Elos technology, this non-invasive skin enhancement procedure also helps treat skin imperfections and blemishes, while at the same time, stimulates the production of collagen in your facial and neck areas so that you’ll have a smoother, younger-looking skin.

Hair removal

Aurora™ system with Elos™ boasts of being the only high technology skin treatment that can remove all hair types on all skin colors. Using radio frequency and optical energy, the hair shafts are heated and follicles are coagulated, while at the same time, the “Peach Fuzz” is also removed.

Acne treatment

One of the most common skin imperfections encompassing individuals of different ages, the Aurora™ system with Elos™ treats by killing all acne bacteria and targeting select sebaceous glands to ensure that the source of acne is treated to prevent further manifestations.

High Patient Safety & Comfort

Active Dermal Monitoring™ and lower required light energy levels make Elos the safest technology available. Patients have selected Elos technology over traditional technology for comfort and effectiveness.

All these procedures are done at Annandale with the use of Aurora™ system with Elos™, the safest technology in skin treatment, taking into consideration high patient safety & comfort. More and more individuals are requesting for this technology for skin treatment because of its effectiveness.


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