One of the most prevalent skin disorders for both teens and adults alike is acne. Although there are many over-the-counter products and skin treatment procedures that promise to cure acne, we at AWFC Skin Care Center in Alexandria VA recognize the need of each individual to have an effective, safe, and yet affordable acne treatment procedure that’s why we make use of Syneron’s Elos™ treatment to cure you of this skin imperfection.

With this latest offering for our patrons in the Alexandria VA or Northern Virginia area, AWFC aims to provide acne treatment with Syneron’s Elos™, a revolutionary technology that addresses the root problem of your acne with superior and breakthrough results. Using this procedure, the excessive production of sebaceous oil, which causes the hair follicles to be clogged, in the sebaceous glands is regulated. At the same time, the combined energies of this Elos™ treatment work to destroy the acne-causing bacteria in your skin so that you won’t have recurring spells of acne. Any active acne found on the surface of your skin will also be immediately destroyed by these combined energies. While on acne treatment, our skin care specialists will also recommend Image skin care products, as well as other treatments to enhance the healing process.

Acne treatment with the use of Syneron’s Elos™ is very convenient for the patient and it is very safe, with zero to very minimal side effects for a select individuals. The number of treatments will depend on the severity of your acne problem. You can best consult our aesthetician about this issue. Most skin types are compatible with Elos™’ acne treatment procedure, but if you want to make sure that this is the right skin care treatment for you, visit us at AWFC Skin Care Center at 2839 Duke Street, Alexandria VA, Northern Virginia, 22314 for a free consultation. Turn your dream skin into reality with stunning results from AWFC’s Syneron’s Elos™ acne treatment.


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