Q. Who is a Candidate?

Individuals with all skin types who desire improvement in fine lines, wrinkles, facial spider veins, blemishes and brown spots of the face, and hair removal. Individuals who have sun-damaged skin, aging skin, oily skin with enlarged pores and acne scarring are candidates. ***Note: Those who have cancerous skin tumors; those currently using Accutane and certain inflammatory conditions of the skin may not be candidates.

Q. What is the Procedure?

Elōs treatments involve the use of pulsed light gently directed at fine wrinkles and other skin imperfections. The treatment stimulates the production of your own collagen and after approximately 6-8 treatments, the fine wrinkles appear smoother. The pulsed light also fades spider veins, brown spots and sun damaged skin. Elōs produces a smoother, youthful, vital and less-blemished looking skin. This action works equally effectively on all colors of skin.

Q. Is There A Recuperation and Healing Time?

Most patients have no side effects. Unlike laser resurfacing, elōs attacks the deeper layer of your skin under the epidermis (outer layer). There is no redness, oozing or cleansing. Following treatment, some may find the skin to be light pink (flushed).This fades within a few hours. The skin feels soft and even. Studies show wrinkles and blemishes improve in over 80% of patients after 6-8 treatments. The patient can reapply makeup and return to work, activities, etc. Immediately after treatment. It takes approximately 6-8 treatments to achieve best results, depending on the skin type and conditi

Q. How does Elos™ Hair Removal Work?

It targets the darkness of the melanin pigment in the hair follicle. Since melanin is only produced in the growth stage of the hair, it must target the hair follicle during this cycle. At any given time, 20-40% of the hair in a particular area may be in a growth stage. Therefore, more than one treatment will need to be scheduled, preferably at 4-8 week intervals. The multiple treatments can ensure that all hair follicles are being disabled.

Q. How many treatments will be needed?

Elos™ treatment stops the growth of the hair follicle when they are in the growth cycle. Not all hair follicles are at this stage at the same time. Most people will require 6-8 treatments to achieve the desired results. Blonde and grey hair may require up to 12 treatments.

Q. Who will perform the treatments?

All the treatments are performed by fully trained and certified practitioners.

Q. Is the treatment painful?

No, the treatments are not painful and very well tolerated. Topical anesthetic cream is an option for more sensitive areas being treated. Some patients describe the treatment as a sensation like the snap of a rubber band, and "much less painful than the waxing I used to subject myself to."

Q. Are the results permanent?

Yes! The results may vary depending on the skin and hair type. Most patients achieve permanent hair reduction of up to 75-80%, and the remaining hair that returns is much lighter and softer.

Q. Do you offer free consultations?

Absolutely! We do a skin analysis to determine if you are a good candidate, offer a spot test so you can feel how the treatment feels, and offer you with a post- treatment skin care plan. Your safety and satisfaction are our primary concern.


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